How to build a remote RC helicopter systems.

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RC helicopter the furthest remote control distance of 200 meters, however, once over this distance limit, the helicopter will no longer be under control. Of course, we always will not be limited to the distance limitations. Today to explain a set of modified RC helicopter control system.

RC helicopter remote spontaneous radio transmission apparatus, any radio signal is attenuated, especially in long-distance spread of. Therefore, there are two ways to resolve distant manipulation, the first approach is to replace the wireless control mode, while another approach is to increase the transmission power of radio remote control, the replacement of the amplifier of RC helicopter.

Replacement of the Radio Control model, currently the most popular way is via the handset cellular data GSM or 3G transmission instruction, this means that you have to install a microcomputer chip RC helicopter.Both compile software combined the microcomputer chip RC helicopter power plant control system.Raspberry microcomputer is a good choice, open-source software platform provides a stable development environment for compilation. Of course, such a difficult high-cost modification to give the RC helicopter to provide the most effective remote control range distance. Of course, you need retrofitting RC helicopter with camera used to transmit real-time images. The only drawback is that 3G means high data transfer instruction costs, and delayed feedback.

The easiest and most effective way is still to increase the transmission power, but I do not suggest you do so. Handling distance of over 200 m of RC helicopter flight status means that you need the help of assistive devices. Of course, if you are willing to RC helicopters loaded wireless camera which may be a good idea.

Remote helicopteros rc system, not to build a simple assembly module and compile operating instructions, it is at the same time select the RC helicopter is required. RC helicopter life with hardware has a very high demand. Pay special attention to fine-tune the system in the when refit signal module.

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